Appliance Therapy and Frenectomies for Children


Schedule a No Charge 30 minute screening with Dr. Evie for children who exhibit outward symptoms including, but not limited to, ADD / ADHD, learning difficulties, behavior struggles, speech or tongue issues, restless sleep, headaches, bed wetting, night terrors and swollen tonsils and adenoids. These symptoms may appear as a single symptom or can be linked together, indicating a potential underlying root cause that can be addressed with an oral appliance therapy.
Too often these symptoms are misdiagnosed or left untreated, but it is critical to identify them early and during growth stages in order to provide a treatment with more permanent results. Evidence shows that sleep disorders interfere with physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. If left untreated, these children will more than likely be plagued with health issues as adults.
If your child is a candidate, we offer non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical type of treatment called the HealthyStart®, which identifies, evaluates and addresses the airway, oral habits and improper growth and development.

In conjunction with appliance therapy, sometimes a lip or tongue tie is causing the delay in development.

Dr. Sabet screens and treats all patients for these conditions with a low energy, high frequency Nd:YAG laser.

Laser Surgery is perfect for soft-tissue procedures as it allows for extremely fine ablation and more precise control over incisions with minimal bleeding making it ideal for many soft-tissue treatments like frenectomies. Treatment times and post-operative healing periods are much shorter using this Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers in soft-tissue surgery and also means that sutures are rarely needed.

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