At Developmental Dentistry, we imagine a world where not only adults can find holistic wellness and non-surgical therapies for symptoms related to craniofacial TMJ pain and sleep disorders BUT no more do children suffer with airway, growth and development to become those adults with poor systemic health.


As healthcare providers, the ADA states we as dentists owe it to our patients to :

* screen for underdeveloped maxilla and mandibles

* screen for airway issues

* screen for sleep disorders and symptoms

* diagnose and treat (if not refer)

* potentially bring relief to those who suffer

Most dentists are too varied in their dental services doing fillings, crowns, cleanings, emergencies, etc….to truly focus on screening their patients appropriatly for these issues.

We are leaving the fillings and cleanings to your regular dentist. That relationship is very important to keep!


The foundation of Developmental Dentistry is more about the anatomy and foundations than just teeth.

Dentists are caregivers, explorers and rescuers for our patients needs. We are all those archetypes as well as seekers, networkers, pioneers and visionaries for your patients. We are truly a patient centric group that is here to advocate for your specific needs.

Holding Hands

An improper bite and alignment of the teeth is an effect and not the cause. When the maxilla, mandible, pallate or tongue do not grow to their full potential, the result is a child with a compromised airway that grows into an adult with a greater overall risk of systemic health issues, physical and or emotional disorders. We believe the core of what we do is to recognize what we see in our patient’s craniofacial development and share those findings with them.

Our team strives fo overall growth, development, health and longevity of our young patients. It is our opportunity to prevent children, families, schools and communities from struggling.


Welcome to our airway conscious dental practice. We look forward to meeting you.